How To Make Korean Chili Noodles At Home? | Cheen Huaye

Korean Chili Noodles

Korean chili noodles are a unique and appealing dish that combines comforting noodles with fiery chili heat. This combination of spicy, savory, and slippery textures has made Korean chili noodles popular across the world. Westerners should try Korean chili noodles if they enjoy spicy foods and want to experience an authentic Korean dish that offers complex flavors and simple satisfaction. The balance …

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How To Make Vegan Kimchi Fried Rice? | Healthy & Flavorful

Vegan Kimchi Fried Rice

This vegan kimchi fried rice recipe puts a flavorful spin on traditional fried rice by incorporating kimchi – a beloved Korean side dish made from fermented cabbage and spices. With its tangy, salty, and spicy kick, this dish is sure to satisfy vegans and kimchi lovers alike. This recipe is perfect for weeknight dinners, meal prepping, or feeding a crowd. …

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Family-Friendly Honey Soy Glazed Short Ribs Recipe Tonight!

Honey Soy Glazed Short Ribs

As a seasoned home cook and avid griller, I’ve experimented with short ribs for years to find the ultimate flavorful, fall-off-the-bone ribs. After testing countless marinades and cooking methods, I’ve landed on a foolproof combination that delivers restaurant-quality ribs every time – Honey Soy Glazed Short Ribs. In this article, I’ll provide my hard-won expertise …

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Ube Mochi Waffles Recipe: Easy Steps for a Yummy Breakfast

Ube Mochi Waffles

As a seasoned dessert chef and Japanese-Filipino fusion connoisseur, I am excited to introduce you to Ube Mochi Waffles, a delightful blend of two dynamic Asian flavor profiles. These vibrant purple pastries merge the centuries-old tradition of Japanese mochi with the rich, floral sweetness of ube from the Philippines, creating a unique breakfast treat. Ube …

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How To Make S’mores Chocolate Bark? | Simple & Delicious

S’mores Chocolate Bark

S’mores Chocolate Bark is a mouthwatering no-bake dessert that brings the classic campfire treat right to your kitchen. This easy-to-make bark perfectly captures the nostalgic flavors of ooey-gooey s’mores in crunchy, chocolatey form. With just a few simple ingredients, you can create a dessert that will transport you straight to the campground! In this article, we’ll walk …

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How To Make Golden Kiwi And Coconut Popsicles: Cheen Huay

Golden Kiwi And Coconut Popsicles

These Golden Kiwi and Coconut Popsicles are a refreshingly tropical treat perfect for hot summer days. The kiwi adds a pleasant tanginess while the coconut provides creaminess and natural sweetness. Together, they create a popsicle bursting with vibrant flavor and intriguing texture combinations. What makes these popsicles stand out is the interplay between the soft frozen kiwi and crunchy coconut pieces suspended throughout. Each bite delivers a surprise – the juicy kiwi punctuated by toasty coconut. The pops take minimal time …

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Salt And Pepper Chicken Wings Recipe | Step By Step Guide

Salt And Pepper Chicken Wings

Salt and pepper chicken wings are a beloved appetizer or snack across many cultures. The irresistible flavor comes from a mouthwatering blend of salty, spicy, savory, and crunchy textures. These wings likely originated in the Sichuan province of China, where bold spices and lip-numbing Sichuan peppercorns are used extensively. The simplicity of the seasoning allows the natural chicken flavor to shine …

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How To Make Fresh Sugarcane Drinks (Nước Mía Tươi) Recipe?

Fresh Sugarcane Drinks

Sugarcane drinks are truly special for so many reasons. The natural sweetness of fresh sugarcane juice adds a refreshing complexity to beverages that can’t be replicated. These drinks are much healthier than sodas or other sugar-laden options, providing nutrients like iron, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. On this website, you’ll discover the wonder of sugarcane juice …

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How To Make Strawberry Yogurt? | Step By Step Guide

Strawberry Yogurt

Strawberry yogurt recipes are a delightfully sweet and tangy treat perfect for breakfast, dessert, or anytime snacking. The combination of flavors and textures makes strawberry yogurt a perfect light dessert or snack any time of year. This guide will explore the wonderful world of strawberry yogurt and provide plenty of ideas and inspiration to create …

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Enjoying Rainbow Veggie Chips: Flavorful, Crunchy, Healthy

Rainbow Veggie Chips

Rainbow Veggie Chips – a standout product that harnesses the power of plants to create a uniquely health-forward snacking experience. With their non-GMO verified ingredients, gluten-free appeal, and commitment to uncomplicated whole foods, Rainbow Veggie Chips are poised to disrupt the snack market. The superior nutrition, taste, and quality that sets Rainbow Veggie Chips apart. …

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Quick and Easy Airfryer Cơm Sườn Recipe for Busy Families

Airfryer Cơm Sườn

As an avid home cook with Vietnamese heritage, I’ve spent years perfecting and streamlining traditional Airfryer Cơm Sườn recipes. Through extensive trial and error, I’ve discovered that the air fryer is a game-changer for achieving the absolute best results in minimal time. Crispy, caramelized ribs in just 20 minutes? Yes, it’s possible, when you understand …

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Delicious & Easy Pandan Swirl Cheesecake Recipe You’ll Love

Pandan swirl cheesecake recipe

As a seasoned baker well-versed in global dessert traditions, I’m thrilled to showcase one of Southeast Asia’s most prized sweet treats – the vividly green and fragrantly tropical Pandan swirl cheesecake. This showstopping cake’s exquisite flavor and visual appeal have made it a rising star across the international culinary scene. However, many home bakers still …

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Discover Delicious Vietnamese Coffee Tiramisu Recipe Today!

Vietnamese Coffee Tiramisu recipe

Welcome to a journey into the heart of indulgence and cultural fusion with Vietnamese Coffee Tiramisu. As a connoisseur of global cuisine and a passionate explorer of Vietnamese culinary traditions, I am excited to unveil the secrets of this captivating dessert. Vietnamese Coffee Tiramisu embodies a harmonious marriage of Italy’s classic tiramisu with Vietnam’s rich …

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How To Make Fresh Soy Milk At Home? | Step By Step Guide

Fresh Soy Milk

Fresh soy milk is a nutritious and delicious plant-based milk alternative. With its smooth, creamy texture and subtle natural sweetness, fresh soy milk makes a fantastic replacement for cow’s milk in everything from cereal to coffee. Here’s why you should consider making the switch to this tasty, good-for-you beverage. Unlike traditional soy milk that’s been …

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How To Make A Perfect Charcuterie Board? | Cheen Huaye

Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie boards are all the rage these days for entertaining and parties. But what exactly makes charcuterie boards such a popular choice for hosts? Charcuterie boards, sometimes called meat and cheese boards, are the perfect way to showcase an appealing array of cured meats, cheeses, fruits, nuts, jams, pickles, and other snacks. These abundant spreads allow guests …

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Chrysanthemum Gummy Bears Recipe: Delicious Health Boost!

Chrysanthemum Gummy Bears

As a board-certified holistic nutritionist who’s extensively researched the medicinal benefits of flowers, I’m thrilled to reveal the next big thing in functional candy: Chrysanthemum Gummy Bears. Chrysanthemum, often seen as just an ornamental flower, has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine to treat various ailments. Modern research shows it’s rich in antioxidants, …

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Quick Microwave Peppermint Bark Recipe for the Holidays

Microwave Peppermint Bark

Imagine a festive treat that perfectly blends the creamy richness of chocolate with the refreshing zing of peppermint, all crafted effortlessly in your microwave. Welcome to the delightful world of microwave peppermint bark! In this culinary guide, Cheenhuaye will reveal the secrets to creating this beloved holiday confection, leveraging the convenience of modern technology. With …

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Try making Avocado Sago at home for a refreshing dessert!

Avocado Sago recipe

As a seasoned food writer immersed in Southeast Asia’s culinary tapestry, I’m thrilled to introduce one of its most enticing desserts: avocado sago. This creamy delight blends the nutty richness of avocado seamlessly with the soft, chewy texture of sago pearls. This article provides expert insights into sago palm cultivation, traditional pearl production, avocado’s nutritional …

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Discover Furai Chicken in Town & Recipe to Make It Yourself

Furai Chicken

As connoisseurs of Korean fried chicken, we can definitively say that Furai Chicken represents the pinnacle of KFC innovation. This Japanese-Korean fusion concept revolutionizes traditional Korean fried chicken with its quintessential crisp Panko batter and meticulous frying technique, resulting in an unparalleled crunch with each bite that reveals succulent, flavorful chicken. This Cheenhuaye’s article will …

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Experience Vietnamese Pizza Bánh Tráng Nướng Recipe Today

Vietnamese Pizza Bánh Tráng Nướng recipe

As a seasoned food writer who has extensively explored the dynamic street food cultures across Vietnam, I’m thrilled to provide insider expertise on one of my all-time favorite Vietnamese snack discoveries: the sensational bánh tráng nướng, better known as Vietnamese pizza. With over a decade of in-country eating experience under my belt, I can definitively …

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How To Make Honey Soy Salmon And Garlic Green Beans?

Honey Soy Salmon and Garlic Green Beans

This Honey Soy Salmon and Garlic Green Beans recipe is a fantastic option for a quick and delicious weekday dinner. The combination of the sweet and salty honey soy glaze on the salmon along with the bright, garlicky flavor of the green beans gives you a meal full of contrasting and complementary flavors. This recipe comes together in under 30 minutes, …

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How To Make Bacon Corn Cheese? | Step By Step Guide

Bacon Corn Cheese

Bacon corn cheese is a comfort food classic that brings together smoky bacon, sweet corn, and gooey cheese into one irresistible and addicting casserole. This dish is a staple at potlucks, parties, and family dinners, with its rich flavors and textures satisfying all appetites. The unique combination of ingredients is what makes bacon corn cheese so special. …

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How To Make Blueberry Mojito Recipe? | Step By Step Guide

Tantalizing Empress Blueberry Mojito

The Empress Blueberry Mojito is a tantalizing twist on the classic rum cocktail that highlights the sweet tartness of fresh blueberries and the complex botanical flavors of Empress 1908 Gin. This royal purple concoction stands out for its alluring color, sweet-yet-herbal aromas, and balanced bittersweet taste. Empress 1908 Gin adds an extra dimension with its unique blend of …

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Vietnamese Grilled Salmon Spring Rolls Recipe | How To Make

Grilled Salmon Spring Rolls

These grilled salmon spring rolls are a unique and delicious appetizer or meal that combines the fresh flavors of salmon with the crunchy wrappers and dipping sauces of Vietnamese spring rolls. The filling of grilled salmon, carrots, cucumber, and fresh herbs makes these spring rolls light and refreshing. You should try making these grilled salmon …

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How To Make Mango Cream Pie Recipes? | Step By Step Guide

Mango Cream Pie

Mango cream pie is a delicious tropical twist on a classic American dessert. The sweet, creamy filling paired with a flaky, buttery crust makes this pie a special treat. Mango cream pie showcases the vibrant flavor of ripe mangoes swirled together with rich ingredients like cream cheese, sweetened condensed milk, and whipped cream. This bright orange …

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How To Make Scorching Spam Brûlée Musubi: Cheen Huaye

Scorching Spam Brûlée Musubi Recipe

Scorching Spam Brûlée Musubi is an innovative take on the classic Hawaiian Spam Musubi, with a sweet and savory brûlée topping that adds crunch and char. This recipe puts a spin on tradition while honoring the cultural roots of this island favorite. This recipe keeps the traditional pressed rice and slice of pan-fried Spam, but kicks it …

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How to Make Korean Dalgona Candy Netflix Squid Game at Home?

Steps to make Korean Dalgona Candy Netflix Squid Game

As an ethnobotanist who has extensively studied the interweaving of culture, nostalgia, and confectionery traditions across Asia, I was fascinated to see the recent global fervor over Korean dalgona candy sparked by Netflix’s record-shattering series Squid Game. While dalgona may appear as just a sugar treat, its origins and prominence in Squid Game reveal volumes …

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How To Make Phở Gà (Chicken Pho Noodle Soup): Cheen Huaye

Phở Gà (Chicken Pho Noodle Soup)

Phở Gà is considered Vietnam’s national dish and is beloved worldwide for its complex, fragrant broth and simple, fresh ingredients. This noodle soup is a staple of Vietnamese cuisine and culture. As a dish that came about throughtimes of hardship and scarcity, it represents resourcefulness and resilience. Its aromatic steam and slurp-worthy noodles bring comfort, …

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Delicious Chè Đậu Trắng Instantpot Recipe, Simple to Make

Chè đậu trắng instantpot recipe

As a seasoned chef and lover of Vietnamese cuisine, I’m thrilled to share my expertise on one of Vietnam’s most beloved and iconic desserts – chè đậu trắng instantpot. This smooth, creamy mung bean pudding is a staple in Vietnamese households and restaurants alike. But traditional recipes require presoaking beans overnight and simmering for over …

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Explore San Pedro Seafood: Your Local Seafood Experts

San Pedro Seafood

For over 65 years, San Pedro Seafood has been Southern California’s premier destination for the freshest seafood. With direct relationships with local fishermen and a commitment to selecting only the best daily catches, they ensure unparalleled quality. The expert staff, many from seafood lineage, share their deep knowledge through cooking tips, recipes, and new flavor …

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Master Bánh Mì Nướng Tôm Recipe with These Easy Tips

bánh mì nướng tôm recipe

As a culinary anthropologist with years of immersion in Southeast Asia’s vibrant food cultures, I’m excited to share my expertise on Vietnam’s crave-worthy street food creation: the Bánh mì nướng tôm. This iconic baguette sandwich, filled with succulent grilled shrimp, crispy vegetables, and zesty flavors, exemplifies the blend of Vietnamese and French colonial influences in …

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Xoài xanh Nước mắm đường (Green Mangos with Sweet Fish Sauce)

Xoài xanh Nước mắm đường (Green Mangos with Sweet Fish Sauce)

Xoài xanh Nước mắm đường (Green Mangos with Sweet Fish Sauce) is a beloved Vietnamese dish that perfectly balances sweet, sour, salty, and umami flavors. This classic recipe combines the tartness of unripe green mangos with the savoriness of nuoc mam fish sauce to create an addictively refreshing salad. In this article, we’ll explore what …

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How To Make Vietnamese Cajun Seafood Boil | Cheen Huaye

Vietnamese Cajun Seafood Boil

Vietnamese Cajun Seafood Boil is an exciting fusion dish that brings together the vibrant flavors of Vietnamese cuisine with the spicy, robust seasonings of traditional Cajun boils. This inventive recipe produces a one-of-a-kind culinary experience that seafood lovers won’t want to miss! In this article, we’ll explore the distinct components that make Vietnamese Cajun Seafood Boil so tantalizing. …

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How To Make Mỡ Hành Razor Clams: Vietnamese Street Food

Mỡ Hành Razor Clams

Vietnamese street food offers a thrilling culinary experience for travelers. The chaotic streets of Vietnam are filled with sizzling woks, wafts of tantalizing aromas, and colorful, fresh ingredients. For adventurous eaters, Vietnamese street food provides a chance to dive into new flavors and textures. Mỡ Hành Razor Clams is one iconic street food dish that captures the …

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How To Make Pandan Rice Krispies (with Fresh Pandan Extract)

Pandan Rice Krispies

What makes pandan rice krispies such a unique and captivating treat? This colorful green rice cereal snack infused with the irresistible flavor and aroma of pandan is truly one-of-a-kind. Pandan is a tropical plant with long green leaves that lend a wonderfully fragrant, almost vanilla-like scent. Pandan extract adds a subtle nutty, floral note that perfectly complements …

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Gỏi Cuốn Vietnamese Spring Rolls | Fresh and Tasty

Serving and Enjoying Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Vietnamese cuisine is beloved around the world for its fresh, bright flavors and artful presentations. One of the most popular Vietnamese dishes is the Vietnamese spring roll, known as gỏi cuốn in Vietnamese. Light, healthy, and bursting with flavor, these crispy rolls wrapped around fresh herbs, vegetables, and proteins are an iconic appetizer. Why Are Vietnamese Spring …

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How To Make Tương Chấm (Hoisin Dipping Sauce): Cheen Huaye

Tương Chấm (Hoisin Dipping Sauce)

Tương Chấm (Hoisin Dipping Sauce) is a thick, fragrant sauce that is a ubiquitous condiment in Asian cooking. With its rich, aromatic blend of savory, sweet, and spicy flavors, hoisin sauce brings a depth of flavor that perfectly balances the various ingredients in many classic Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, and other Southeast Asian dishes. By balancing …

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Learn to Cook Bánh Xèo (Vietnamese Crepe) Recipe at Home

bánh xèo recipe

Welcome to the world of Bánh Xèo, where sizzling crepes filled with succulent shrimp, savory pork, and crisp bean sprouts tantalize the taste buds. In this exploration, we embark on a journey through the history, regional variations, and cultural significance of one of Vietnam’s most beloved dishes. Join cheenhuaye as we uncover the techniques, ingredients, …

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Easy Bánh Cuốn Recipe: Master Traditional Vietnamese Dish

bánh cuốn recipe

Bánh cuốn, the delicate Vietnamese steamed rice rolls, have been captivating taste buds for centuries. From the mention of this rolls in ancient Vietnamese poetry to its ubiquitous presence at roadside stalls today, these silky soft rolls hold an important place in Vietnam’s culinary traditions. Their distinctive taste and texture come from a combination of …

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Sò điệp Mỡ Hành (Vietnamese Scallops with Scallion Oil)

Sò điệp Mỡ Hành

The scallops offer sweet and briny flavors while the scallion oil provides pungent, oniony notes. The crisp seared exterior of the scallops plays against their lusciously tender insides. These opposites mingle together to create a complex and well-balanced taste profile. The dish also represents some core characteristics of Vietnamese cooking: bright, robust flavors and a …

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Bánh Mì Charcuterie Board (with homemade Vietnamese Mayo)

Bánh Mì Charcuterie Board

The Bánh Mì charcuterie board brings together the creative flavors of Vietnamese street food with the visually pleasing presentation of a charcuterie platter. This flavorful fusion makes for an exciting new way to enjoy the iconic Bánh Mì sandwich ingredients. Bánh Mì is a Vietnamese sandwich that originated during the French colonial period when the …

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Make Bánh Tằm Khoai Mì Silkworm Cassava Cake Guide at Home

bánh tằm khoai mì silkworm cassava cake recipe

As a culinary anthropologist with extensive research in Vietnamese food culture, I’m excited to introduce you to bánh tằm khoai mì silkworm cassava cake. This unique dessert, deeply rooted in Vietnam’s silk trade, combines protein-rich silkworm pupae and starchy cassava for a nutty, chewy treat. Enriched with coconut milk, sugar, and cornstarch, this cake is …

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How To Make Canh Mướp (Vietnamese Luffa Gourd Soup)

Canh Mướp

Canh Mướp (Vietnamese Luffa Gourd Soup) is a unique and popular dish in Vietnamese cuisine. This refreshing soup highlights the subtle flavor of luffa gourd and typically contains simple ingredients like broth, herbs, and protein. Luffa gourd soup is light and brothy, with the mild taste of the gourd taking center stage. The smooth texture complements the savoriness of the broth. It’s a cooling food for hot …

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How To Make Pandan Waffle (Bánh Kẹp Lá Dứa): Cheen Huaye

Bánh Kẹp Lá Dứa

Bánh Kẹp Lá Dứa are a delightful and unique twist on the classic breakfast staple. Originating in Southeast Asia, these vibrant green waffles are flavored with pandan, an aromatic leaf that lends a sweet, nutty vanilla-like aroma. This easy pandan waffle recipe delivers light and crispy waffles with intense pandan flavor. They make a perfect weekend breakfast or brunch …

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How To Make Sườn Nướng Sả (Grilled Lemongrass Short Ribs)

How To Make Sườn Nướng Sả (Grilled Lemongrass Short Ribs)

Sườn Nướng Sả (Grilled Lemongrass Short Ribs) make for an incredibly flavorful and tasty main course or appetizer. The marinade infuses the meat with the aromatic citrusy flavors of lemongrass and fresh ginger. And the high heat of the grill gives the outside of the ribs a nice char while keeping the inside moist and tender. This dish is unique …

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How To Make Phở Bò (Vietnamese Beef Pho Noodle Soup)

Phở Bò (Vietnamese Beef Pho Noodle Soup)

Phở Bò originated in northern Vietnam in the early 20th century and quickly spread across the country, integrating regional ingredients and flavors along the way. Its growth coincided with Vietnam’s independence and establishment as a unified nation, helping cement pho’s status as a symbol of Vietnamese identity. Beyond that, pho is affordable, adaptable, and ubiquitous …

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Pandan White Chocolate Cookies: Step By Step Guide

Pandan White Chocolate Cookies

Pandan White Chocolate Cookies are a uniquely flavored baked good that fuse elements of Southeast Asian and Western cuisines. Their star ingredient, pandan, adds a sweet vegetal aroma and vivid green color that makes these cookies visually stunning and aromatic. These cookies are perfect for anyone seeking a taste of Southeast Asia’s flavors, or simply …

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Chả Giò Tôm (Vietnamese Shrimp Eggrolls): Step By Step Guide

Chả Giò Tôm (Vietnamese Shrimp Eggrolls)

Chả Giò Tôm (Vietnamese Shrimp Eggrolls)are a popular appetizer or snack that combine the crispiness of an eggroll wrapper with the delicious flavors of seasoned shrimp. This combination of a flavorful shrimp filling wrapped in a delicate fried shell, served with a bright, umami-rich dipping sauce is what makes Vietnamese shrimp eggrolls so irresistible! The …

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How To Make Bánh Mì (Vietnamese Baguette): Cheen Huaye

How To Make Bánh Mì (Vietnamese Baguette)

Bánh mì, the Vietnamese take on the French baguette, is a sandwich unlike any other. With its perfectly crispy exterior and delightfully airy interior, bánh mì provides the ideal vessel for bold Vietnamese fillings like grilled pork, pâté, pickled carrots and daikon, cilantro, and chili mayo. The interplay between the light and crunchy bread and …

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How To Make Thạch Cà Phê (Vietnamese Coffee Jelly)

How to Make Thạch Cà Phê (Vietnamese Coffee Jelly)

Vietnamese coffee jelly, known as Thạch Cà Phê, is a sweet and refreshing coffee-flavored gelatin dessert that’s incredibly popular in Vietnam. The velvety, wobbly texture combined with bittersweet coffee notes makes this treat irresistible for coffee lovers. The few simple ingredients – strong Vietnamese coffee, sugar, and agar agar – meld together to create a …

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How to Make Canh Bắp Cải? | Vietnamese Cabbage soup Guide

canh bắp cải recipe

Canh bắp cải, a beloved Vietnamese dish that effortlessly marries simplicity and sophistication. As an essential part of Vietnam’s rich culinary tapestry, this cabbage soup offers more than just a comforting bowl of warmth—it’s a testament to the ingenuity of Vietnamese home cooking. In this comprehensive guide, we delve deep into the origins, nutritional benefits, …

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